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1991 Bay Stallion

LTE $41,000 in 22 months


Canadian Supreme Nominated

We are a simple country family with a zest for life on the ranch!  We enjoy being on horseback for any reason and the whole family works together to share the excitement of this incredible animal--the horse.


We have recently acquired the bay stallion, GOT PEP, and love him to pieces!  He is such an incredible horse--we took him out to an arena a couple of months after arriving to our farm.  He hadn't been ridden for about five years.  We saddled him up and Dad got on him.  He walked him around the arena a few times, galloped him and checked his stop before passing him over to Mom.  "All is good, but don't run him just in case..." Then Mom got on him and after a minute or two, both were running around the arena!  Then *Jesse* (Dec. 16, 2002 - Nov.24, 2007) got to climb aboard with Mom--smiles from ear-to-ear and nothing else had to be said--Peppy was with us to stay no matter what!




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2009 Zender Fall Classic 6 Shoot-Out:

       3rd Place: Preston Fleming 

2009 Zender Fall Classic 8 Shoot-Out:

       4th Place: Preston Fleming

       5th Place: Preston Fleming

2009 Zender Fall Classic 8 Class:

       6th Place: Preston Fleming




2008 Zender Fall Classic 6 Shoot-Out:

       8th Place: Preston Fleming

2008 Zender Fall Classic 8 Class:

       5th Place: Preston Fleming 


As a family, we cattle pen and take in the occasional two-man sortings.  We compete on a regular basis with the ATCPS, taking in as much practice penning as we can!


2011 Calgary Stampede 10 Class Team Penning:

       1st Place: Preston Fleming,

                        Will Hanson, Brian Cardinal

       $22,263 Split and buckles


2010 Zender Fall Classic Amateur Speed Penning:

       1st Place: Preston Fleming 

2010 Zender Fall Classic 7 Class Top Ten:

       6th Place: Preston Fleming

       8th Place: Preston Fleming

       9th Place: Preston Fleming

2010 Zender Fall Classic 7 Class:

       4th Place: Preston Fleming

2010 Zender Fall Classic 10 Class Top Ten:

       9th Place: Preston Fleming




2010 The Pink Link Friends to the Max:

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Penning (www.pinklink.ca)

       2nd Place: Christine Fleming





2011 Calgary Stampede

10 Class Team Penning Winners

WHR Calgary Stampede Results

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